Vietnam changes tack on major road projects

Readers may be interested to hear that the failure to identify investors after public bidding was carried out for the construction of two sections in the north-south expressway road building projects in Vietnam[1], has lead the country’s National Assembly Standing Committee to convert these projects from a PPP structure into publicly funded projects instead.

This, notwithstanding the publication of a new PPP law during June 2020[2]. Naturally, one of the key objectives of the new law is to facilitate private sector investment in Vietnam’s infrastructure sector, so it will be crucial to watch how and whether the passing of this new law does just that.

This post is for information purposes only. For specific legal advice in connection with Infrastructure projects in Vietnam, please contact the author.

[1] Namely, National Highway No. 45 Nghi Son, and Nghi Son Dienn Chau.

[2] Effective as of 21 January 2021.

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