Edward Allbless

An international lawyer, based in the UK.

Edward is a transactional lawyer qualified in England, with over three decades’ professional experience in a number of regions in the emerging markets, including Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Singapore, Oman, the UAE and Qatar.

He has a practitioner’s familiarity with the fastest growing markets in the Asia Pacific region, the Middle East, and Sub-Saharan Africa, and has a network of business and professional affiliations with leading legal, and financial services providers in these regions.

Edward owns and manages a legal consultancy company, incorporated in the UK, called Inarak Consultants Ltd. The company provides legal and business services to corporate clients worldwide, and specialises in commercial transactions in the emerging markets. The company website is http://www.inarakconsultants.com. Inarak has affiliations with leading law firms in Indonesia, Oman, Myanmar, Singapore, and South Africa, and provides ‘international’ and ‘local law’ legal and business services in those jurisdictions.

Edward is a commercial lawyer whose focus is infrastructure projects, acquisitions and divestment, and joint ventures and other kinds of collaboration between players from different parts of the world.

His corporate email address is allbless@inarakconsultants.com


University of Oxford, B.A., M.A.


Fellow, UK Energy Institute