Floating storage and regas units

“The question the draftsperson should ask themselves is whether we are dealing with a sea-going vessel, or something more like a land-based LNG import terminal. FSRUs can and often are designed for operation not so much as LNG carriers, but instead as facilities which are semi-permanently located at the relevant import terminal.” Readers may like to read a recent post on this subject, at the … Continue reading Floating storage and regas units

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Doing business in Indonesia

It is interesting to see what has changed, and what has not, in the past 23 years, because 23 years ago, I was seconded to Jakarta by a law firm now widely known as ‘Dentons’. In those days, it was ‘Denton Hall’; and some years prior to that, when I joined them, it went by the even longer name ‘Denton Hall, Burgin & Warrens’! Foreign … Continue reading Doing business in Indonesia