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LNG projects in Africa

In 2021, total exports of LNG from Africa were reportedly about 40 million t, and analysts anticipate that Africa’s export capacity will likely continue to grow through 2022. The potential opportunities in Africa for both operators and developers are clearly substantial. But progress has been slow during recent years, and what follows is a snapshot of the reasons why. In South Africa, for example, though … Continue reading LNG projects in Africa

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Doing business in Indonesia

It is interesting to see what has changed, and what has not, in the past 23 years, because 23 years ago, I was seconded to Jakarta by a law firm now widely known as ‘Dentons’. In those days, it was ‘Denton Hall’; and some years prior to that, when I joined them, it went by the even longer name ‘Denton Hall, Burgin & Warrens’! Foreign … Continue reading Doing business in Indonesia

Oman Labour Law and Manpower Issues

Yet again, there has been a certain amount of commentary in Oman in recent weeks on the subject of the ‘no objection certificate’, or ‘NOC’. The practise in question gives an employer in Oman the power to grant or refuse a NOC to a non-Omani employee. The “objection” or “no objection” in this case, is to the employee’s proposed ‘transfer’ to another unrelated employer. What … Continue reading Oman Labour Law and Manpower Issues

Indonesia – The New Capital Investment Regime

Recent amendments to the Indonesian capital investment law (Law No. 25 of 2007) warrant discussion. This law concerns capital investment of all kinds, whether domestic or foreign. For purposes of this article, we will call the revised capital investment law, the ‘Law’. A key change in the Law is the introduction of lines of business and/or activities which are reserved for the Indonesian central government. … Continue reading Indonesia – The New Capital Investment Regime

Due diligence in a developing market

As a preliminary step for anyone wanting to do business in a developing market, extensive due diligence is an absolute must. Your due diligence should cover not just the business climate, the economic drivers, and the competition you could face in the new market, but also confirmation that your planned business is permitted in the new market, the applicable regulations for setting up your new … Continue reading Due diligence in a developing market